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Every one of us should be entitled to good, honest nutrition advice and support that is grounded in the latest scientific evidence.

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The nutrition industry is noisy!

I get that. The internet is full of quick fixes, ‘one size fits all’ diets, jargon, false promises and contradictions. It’s confusing and frustrating. I know because I’ve been there. But I promise you there is another way.

You are wonderfully unique, both inside and out and Nutritional Therapy ensures that your individual needs are heard at every stage. What I would recommend for you is unlikely to include the same recommendations as those for your friend, sister, neighbour (you get the idea). Why would it be? You are two, completely different human beings. Whilst some of the basic principles may remain the same, the magic happens when we really see what it is you need in order to thrive.

Emily Louise Woodward
Licensed Nutritional Therapist based in Nottingham

Hi, I’m Emily Woodward and I am the owner and face behind Emily Louise Nutrition! I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist, having spent 4 years studying with the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London and graduating with distinction.

I am registered with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

I’m a Derbyshire girl born and bred and I love being outdoors – you have to when you live near the Peak District! I’m a real foodie; my husband, daughter and I love exploring new places to eat, whether right here at home or further afield on our adventures. I’m talking all the foods too; I love a slice of cake and a burger as much as the next person, but I also love exploring seasonal produce, filling our plates with colour and snuggling down with a bowl of hearty homemade soup.

My beliefs are firmly rooted in the principal that every one of us is entitled to good, honest nutrition advice and support, that is grounded in the latest scientific evidence

Find out a little more about me…

My Mission

To break down barriers to health by not only offering the best in nutrition advice and support but by offering a service that can adapt to meet the needs of every individual.

My Vision

To offer affordable, evidence-based nutrition education for every individual.